Supply Chain Risk

This Easy Self Assessment (ESA) system provides a means by which you (or Internal Auditors) may easily setup surveys / questionnaires requiring business units or trading partners to respond with their answers.

Traditionally, when we want to find out whether business units are complying with laws, regulations and standards, we have relied on paper-based forms or spreadsheets. But as you know, consolidated analysis and reporting is a nightmare.

Furthermore, today we are also concerned about vendor/supplier risk involving anti-bribery and corruption, customer privacy, etc. This includes the need to easily manage risk and compliance around international labor standards.

This system allows you to setup any number of questionnaires and distribute them electronically and securely to recipients.

Fast and Efficient

The key benefit of Easy Self Assessment is that it offers a fast evaluation of business units and business processes. It offers the business managers a system to help achieve best practice quickly.

This software allows you to set up an unlimited number of surveys and any number of questions per survey. When all questions have been answered, the system provides a rating based on a scoring formula.

Flexible Internal or External Process

Your RM process might be such that after conducting a survey, the business unit (or supplier) either fixes the problem immediately, or you log a risk in the Enterprise Risk Managerâ„¢ for analysis and mitigation. Mitigation involves taking action to reduce the risk; it may require the implementation of a new control.

Easy Self Assessment may be a stand-alone system or be an extension of Enterprise Risk Manager™.

This program is ideal for collecting information quickly from each trading partner, and from anywhere in the World because it is web-enabled. It is secure so that each trading partner only sees their own response, whereas all responses may be analyzed and reported internally.